Waterman GAR riding high, Wedge Newport Beach 2015

GAR, Wedge. An honorable Senator is the people's lifeguard

Ready For A "Non-Corrupt" INDEPENDENT SENATOR that will help FIX CALIFORNIA and the USA?

As a waterman, history and political enthuasist and long time legal reform advocate and fighter GAR MYERS recognizes American society is in turbulent and desperate waters. The corrupt establishment has failed to protect and defend citizen's Constitutional and Federal Civil Rights; our rights to life, due liberty and private property and more.  

GAR could list a litany of serious problems and crisis's American's now face because of the entrenched corrupt establishment and their failed political class, but GAR will spare you a recitation of negative realities and instead propose solutions.  The voter's know most of the challenges our nation faces already.  Americans need to stay calm, take a well deserved deep breathe and relax a bit as they take time to consider who they vote to swim them out of the national rip current that voter's now find themselves in.  

Voters should be under no delusion!  American's are losing a desperate struggle against a fierce and tyrannical legal/political/economic RIP CURRENT that has harmed public faith and morale, weakened our economy, compromised our national security and more.  This MASSIVE RIP CURRENT is dragging us out and away from our near shore waves of happiness. This dastardly rip current is whisking American families out into the deep cold sharky ocean far away from the safety, warmth and joy of our beloved beaches of hope and contentment.  That's not good my friend's!  No bueno Amigos!   

Californian's need to start electing honorable INDEPENDENT representatives like GAR MYERS who are not bought nor controlled by the establishment, who understand the difference between real leadership versus counterfeit leadership, as GAR does, and who knows, as GAR knows, how to mobilize groups, people and resource to effectively confront and deal with problematic human realities in a timely manner to realize the most optimal outcome's possible given the circumstances that exist.  

GAR was trained and mentored by one of the world's best real leadership experts (Harvard JFK School of Government tenured professor) and has met with foreign heads of state as part of exercising real leadership for the American people, advancing human rights protections and fostering mutually beneficial and healthy international business and trade.  

GAR has the ability, experience, talent and willingness to continue to fight to restore and defend our inspired, war blood purchased U.S. Constitution and serve as a Senatorial lifeguard for Americans caught in America's intensifying rip current crisis.  

GAR supports the rebuilding of a strong Military for intelligent and wise use, not for warmongering and war profiteering which American's have far too often suffered and paid for.  We are in a declared War with Terrorists and a concurrent Cartel Drug War that uses illegal immigration as a means to not only traffick drugs, but also women and children as sex slaves inside of America.  As such GAR supports a temporary ban on all illegal immigrants who cannot be identified nor their backgrounds, histories and associations properly vetted to ensure that American families are safe from violent predators and terrorists.  Immigration broadly speaking is a good thing and scapegoating good hispanic immigrants that were virtually invited to illegally immigrate by the corrupt establishment behind American's backs is not right either.  GAR will not let that happen.   It's time to be smart and regain our national respect and dignity which includes using humane ways and means to resolve the immigration crisis while ensuring American's are safer.  

GAR is an honorable and proven anti- establishment and anti-corruption fighter who knows, like many Americans, what it is like to be oppressed and suffer at the hands of the immoral TYRANNY OF BUREAUCRACY and related establishment politicians who have been wrongfully granted absolute immunities.  Bureaucrats and establishment politicians brazenly and routinely violate their oath's to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution.  GAR is one of the good Americans, like you, who is not a career politician.  GAR will not sell you and your family out.       

GAR will exercise real leadership that substantially improves Californian/American lives with expanded liberty and more prosperity, while also making Californians/Americans and their children's lives more safe and secure.  We are going to lower taxes and foster a healthy business environment without threatening to take away the financial help so many desperately need and rely upon.  Corruption, Waste, Fraud and Abuse costing billions must be dramatically reduced and this will require significant Criminal Justice and Civil Legal System reforms including the reduction of prosecutorial and judicial absolute immunities to qualified immunities, comparable to police officers.  This elimination of 17th Century like European "The King Can Do No Wrong" absolute immunities will do more than anything else to stop corruption and the fleecing of Americans.  See Gar's political positions on the following pages.

Californian's deserve to be riding higher and happier on a wave of life victory and joy, not living lives of quiet desperation because, in significant part, the establishment's political lackays continue to harm you and your family.  As Michael Jackson sang "They don't really care about us."  GAR cares about you and your family!   

On June 7th California voters have the power to buck the corrupt system. Voter's have the power to start closing the chapter on failed establishment crony politicians in California.   TAKE BACK YOUR POWER, YOUR LIVES and YOUR DESTINY BY VOTING for GAR MYERS as U.S. Senator for Californians Cool 

YOU ARE INVITED to CATCH THE VOTER REVOLUTION WAVE that is surging across America in 2016 and into California this June.  YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE INDEPENDENT. Stop being a slave to the Democrat and Republican Parties which will continue to let you and your family down as if by betrayal

VOTE GAR MYERS as INDEPENDENT U.S. Senator for Californians on June 7th!  


See Gar's political positions on the following pages!  


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